3 Steps to a More Secure Retirement

Retirement reality

Even though many of us are still decades away from retirement, it’s a constant worry. Nobody wants to run out of cash during their golden years.

With record housing prices, higher food costs, and increasing financial commitments despite stagnant salaries, saving for retirement is tougher than ever. And with interest rates hitting record lows, it’s hard to get decent returns–especially from fixed income.

Investors don’t have to fret about obligations decades away. Much of the worry can be taken away by making a few smart moves today. Let’s take a closer look.

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  1. It can be tough to have a secure retirement when you are young and want to travel and experience the world. I am one of them. I honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with not saving heavily while young. For me i will begin to be serious when i am 30.

  2. What is considered young? The article doesn’t say. Is being in ones 40s too late?

  3. I’ve never been much of a dividend guy for my retirement fund vs being more risky and going with growth. If i’m going to reitre i want to know i made an impact. It’s risky but at least it’s interesting.

  4. Funny i just learned about TFSA this year and started to make use of it. I assume it is ok to use that for retirement too? I enjoy the tax benefits of it without the restrictions of the RRSP.

  5. Isn’t that what CPA is for? We pay into it each month and when we retire, and didn’t save when young have something to fall back into?

  6. TSX:T has alwaus been a good choice. I bought my first share of them more than a 15 years ago based on advice from a neighbor.

  7. Why doesn’t inflation keep up with wages? I would figure if it did retirement would be easier for most.

  8. Most people don’t invest in divident-growth stocks as much for whatever reason. Or at least the best ones aren’t as well advertised. Shame.

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