5 Things Investors Can Ignore

One of the problems with investing is that there is simply too much information for investors to consider.

In the old days (that is, pre-Internet), investors needed to take a long-term view. Now, mere seconds after a company’s quarterly release or other news event, millions of investors, analysts, economists and bloggers around the world can give you their instant take on what just happened.

Individual investors are bombarded with information, most of it conflicting. The result can be paralysis. Read More…


  1. This is what makes investing so scary is because there is so much one has to do to stay on top of things.

    The average person doesnt have time to be pruning details and keeping up with analyst predictions and quarterly reports. They just want modest returns on their hard earned dollars. And so far it just seems like the best thing is to jsut keep it in the chequing account.

  2. The article fails to point out the interconnectedness of global markets and as such the need to diversify ones portfolio.

  3. The first lines got it absolutely right. The key problem is there is way too much data out there and not enough ways to weed out the noise. This explains why so many people just do what their neighbors are doing or look to mutual fund managers or etfs.

  4. Thank you for the article pointing out to ignore market experts. There was a study done where monkies were allowed to pick the stocks and at the end of they year it was found out these group of monkies who picked from random on the Wall Street Jornal list of stocks outperformed these so called experts.

  5. I never understood why people were afraid of investing. It’s really quite simple. Look long my son. Newbies panic on the first sign of stock dropping and sell. My advice, with 30 years experience, is to don’t panic and do your research.

  6. I found when i got started that i made countless mistakes well beyond the 5 listed and i don’t think any serious investing will come if you dont make mistakes now and then. The key is to learn from them. There are some pretty good books one can read but by the end of the day its all about experience.

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