Blame it on Olympic fever. It seems nothing is immune to the wave of Canadian pride sweeping the nation, not even how we choose to invest our money.

A new poll from CIBC Asset Management found the majority of Canadians, though primarily interested in long-term growth, remain reluctant to stray too far from home when it comes to investing our retirement portfolios.

Indeed, 68 per cent of Canadians surveyed said they plan to invest mainly in Canada this year.

Most, 59 per cent, plan to invest primarily in GICs or other guaranteed investments, savings accounts, bonds or bond funds; while 35 per cent plan to invest mainly in stocks or equity funds.  Read More…


  1. I still personally think its a bad idea to invest in GIC with the low rates that banks offer.

    I mean seriously you can expect at most 2% if u keep it in for 3-5 years which is rediculous. I remember the good ole days when it was north of 5%.

  2. For 2014 i was thinking to continue to go REIT (real-estate) but i keep hearing signs that it is no longer bullish. Any one recommend other things on this soil to look to?

  3. There really isnt a problem of Canadians investing here at home but the lack of options we have to put our money in.

    Investing outside Canada is a bit of a hassle now that the exchange rate is out of wack and so i personally would prefer to keep things here.

  4. Long-term growth isnt just common fro Canadians but is a pattern seen throughout the world. Sheesh! It makes sense too. Most families dont have time to keep an eye on every minutia movement in their portfolio. They want to buy and hold for their future and kids future.

  5. It’s a bit surprising that most people don’t do enough stock equity investing. The article says 35%. That’s pretty lousy. Especially in this era of cheap stock trades and even free etfs offered by Questrade. People i guess just don’t know the options they have since banks dictate what they think they should have. Ah well 🙁

  6. Does anyone buy mutual funds anymore?

  7. Wow that is a surprise. Although i dont have much i still keep most of my equity overseas in emerging markets. Canada interest rates have been lousy for years.

  8. I find it funny the poll was conducted by CIBC. Isn’t that a problem seeing as how they will give responses to the press that favors their point of view?

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