Every quarter, I sift through a list of thirty billionaire asset managers and their holdings, uncovering the biggest similarities and differences that might be ripe for in-depth study.

All the favorites are on my list: Warren Buffett, George Soros and Carl Icahn are some of the more notable names. Big earners like David Einhorn, Stanley Druckenmiller and Donald Yacktman add extra weight to the group, joining twenty-four others who have amassed a ten-figure (or higher) bank balance through market speculating.

One of my favorite studies is to see which stocks appear most often in the portfolios of these gurus. They must have a broad following from billionaires for a reason, so let’s make it a point to find out why. See below for a list of six stocks that at least half of the thirty managers I follow own.  Read More…


  1. Some of those picks are good (maybe because i own some) but i do have some sleepless nights thinking about Liberty Global (LBTYK). I use to own them but ended up bailing a few months ago due to some questionable moves in management.

  2. Hey what about me who is a thousand-aire? 😀

  3. I see some good and not so good. No surprises. The whole thing is subjective anyway. Thanks for sharing nonetheless.

  4. But wait. If these are the top 6 stocks they love wouldnt the secret be out of the bag and they arent special anymore?

  5. LOL that Anadarko Petroleum is on the list. Huh? With fossil fuels nearing its final leg you’d think that is the last thing i would select.

  6. And the rich keep on getting richer 🙁

  7. It’s still not a wise decision to put all you eggs in one basket. Diversifying is better. These six are way to narrow a market and sure they are doing well (quite well, infact) right now but without diversity you risk falling off this tight wire.

    What is your portfolio like?

  8. But these are all US stocks. How about some quality winners like BMO here in Canada? Been bullish for many years now.

  9. Where are the good ole times when people just invested in sure things like real estate. The internet has allowed people to invest in stocks at low cost and its making us into gamblers. Never been a fan of the markets though.

  10. I still can’t believe Apple is doing so well now that Jobs is gone. Just saw iPhone 6 set new records.

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