A Press release by Fraser Institute showed the total tax bill of the average Canadian family has increased by 1,624 per cent since 1961, while expenditures on housing increased by 1,198 per cent, food by 559 per cent and clothing by 526 per cent from 1961 to 2009. The report was widely distributed by several media outlets including this one in the Calgary Herald.

There’s no question that we pay some hefty tax rates in Canada but the report is a little of what I call data spin.  In other words, I can always use the facts or data to prove a point.  It just depends on what data I want to show you.  Here are some other relevant thoughts on taxes.  Read More…


  1. With all the reckless spending by Harper et al. we the people ultimately have to pay the price of this recklessness with higher taxes and i am downright frustrated!

  2. Compared to France we pay next to nothing. But for the french they have the best healthcare in the world, and free higher-level education for all.

    Our system isnt perfect but it depends on what we want. If we want a utopian society like France then we must pay more. We are stuck somewhere in the middle and complaining because we don’t really know what we want. Make up our minds already!

  3. With the benefits of free universal health care, and more i think for the most part our taxes are quite reasonable. These increases in expenditures for housing is a natural course of inflation. As long as wages keep up and one continues to invest wisely in the market then these tax changes are relatively modest.

  4. Be rich. ‘Nuf said!

  5. Yes taxes in Canada is a bit high. I have dual citizenship with the US but find this extra tax is worth it for better healthcare.

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