5 Canadian Portfolio Managers You Should Follow

When it comes to the capital markets, information overload is a very distinct reality for most people, including ourselves. From countless websites and blogs dedicated to stocks, options, mutual funds, hedge funds, personal finance etc. etc. to print media and television, how can one not be inundated with too much information?

We would liken this predicament to a fairly prevalent movie scene, where prosecutors demand the surrender of documents from a large corporation, and the obliging corporation in all there goodness, supplies the prosecutors office with innumerable cartons of paper that will usually take days, if not months to sort through. Similarly, everyday we are bombarded with advice and opinions from pragmatists to contrarians and often feel overwhelmed and unable to sort through the piles of numbers and statistics thrown at us from experts.  Read More…


  1. Yea but who’s the best of the best? j/k

  2. I remember starting out learning the stock market and advice like this was a great starter but as others are saying in this thread it is best to do your own research. In the end you will be glad you did and respect yourself for it.

  3. Why is it that everyone has a different list of their top 5 favorite managers? For me i just do my own research and skip things like ETFs and Mutual Funds.

  4. Interesting read.

  5. I’ve invested using 3 of those 5 and funny thing is i’ve lost money on each. I will have to pass on the other 2.

  6. Laziness is a drug that most people cant get enough of

  7. I agree it’s laziness on the part of most people but still most people dont have time to sit down and research the details on everything that goes into a portfolio.

  8. Selecting from a list of managers still is not the best method. The best method is still your very own brain and its ability to research on its own. Having to rely on someone elses advice is just plain laziness.

  9. LOL! I remember way back Wall Street Journal did a study and found that when their own staff tossed darks at the financial section and picked stocks for their portfolio to hold for 3-5 years they were able to outperform ALL portfolio managers. Who would have thunk it?

  10. There are sooo many Managers out there claiming to be one of the best that even a list of the “top 5” makes me take pause.

    But still. Thank you for trying.

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