The Bank of Canada has raised interest rates again, saying: the economy is recovering but still faces major challenges. If the economy is facing major challenges, then why raise rates? BMO economist Douglas Porter said poor housing sales and less spending by Canadians is still making for a fragile economyContinue Reading

Michael Ignatieff stated the other day that Canada should remain in Afghanistan beyond the planned 2011 pull-out. Michael Ignatieff has revealed the Liberals’ position for Canada’s mission in Afghanistan post-2011, calling for Canadians to commit to training police and military personnel.  Mr. Ignatieff is suggesting that Canadians remain for anotherContinue Reading

Don’t be one of the boneheads counting on the lottery to retire. Here’s why: Your chances of retiring?  Pretty close to 100% (unless, fate forbid, you die before you retire).  Your chances of winning the Lotto Max?  1 in about 29 million.  (Mathematically it’s closer to 1 in 86 million,Continue Reading

The government is about to unveil plans surrounding a national securities regulator. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is expected to unveil a government plan Wednesday to create a single Canadian securities regulator. Currently, each province and territory runs its own regulator… It’s about freakin’ time. I’ve had my mutual funds licenseContinue Reading