Michael Ignatieff stated the other day that Canada should remain in Afghanistan beyond the planned 2011 pull-out.

Michael Ignatieff has revealed the Liberals’ position for Canada’s mission in Afghanistan post-2011, calling for Canadians to commit to training police and military personnel.  Mr. Ignatieff is suggesting that Canadians remain for another three years after the military mission ends in July, 2011

The current plan is that Canada starting pulling out by mid-2011 and finish by the end of 2011.  I think that’s an excellent plan.  Our military has, proportionately, lost more soldiers over there than any other country.  To add insult to injury, we’re also spending billions of dollars over there too.

Ignatieff is suggesting that the savings from not having a combat mission there could be redirected into:

renewing the foreign service, opening new posts in “strategic foreign markets” and “enhanced development assistance” for human development in Africa

That sounds good, but it’s a decision that I think will cost Ignatieff his leadership position.  Read More…



  1. Bull crap…total bull crap. Get out already…PLEASE!!!!

  2. And so Canada’s continued obsession to be more like America continues.

    No thank you!

  3. I am a diehard liberal at heart and to no surprise you will know that i am 100% against this war. Let the Americans have their endless wars, its not ours.

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