With bitcoin becoming more commonplace in every facet of life the first ATM machine in Canada has popped up offering customers with new choices.  Canada has always been at the forefront in financial technology the world-over and offering bitcoin seems like a logical next step.


  1. Been a big fan of bitcoin for years now. I wish stock brokerage houses would adopt it so we can fund out investments that way. Sure its likely to come but want it here sooner than later.

  2. Ah yes. You gotta love canada and staying ahead of the curve. We are still the only ones that does the tap to pay feature. Most US establishments require signatures for cc payments.

  3. Never heard of the currency. Sounds like a fad.

  4. My concern with bitcoin is i don’t know how secure it is. Is it full proof? I hear good things about it.

  5. ATM machines finally have it? What is the bank fee on that? I wonder if they are encouraging adoption by not putting any fees on transactions.

  6. They have one of these in my city. Or at least i thought i saw the logo when passing by. Will check it out. Interesting stuff!

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