The chorus of investment gurus warning about a major downturn in equity markets grew louder this week when Carl Icahn said stock investors have “a lot to be concerned about it” during an appearance on Fox Business Network.

There’s no doubt he — and anyone else weighing in on the matter recently — have a point. Rising interest rates combined with lofty valuations could easily put the brakes on the current bull run in the U.S., leading to dwindling returns or, worse, a big fat market crash.  Read More…


  1. Equity investing is still the smartest option. It’s been a bull market for the better part of 6 years. It’s been a great ride. And you can also look at REIT stocks too. 2015 is a good year still.

  2. We’ve been talking unstable market volatility for the past few years. These so called experts have been wrong since.

  3. Lol! I like how the article says a "well-diversified portfolio remains the best remedy". Tell me when that isn’t true at any time. Diverisifcation will always be the best choice.

  4. 6-8% ROI each year still seems like a better option than what i’m getting anywhere else. If this is considered ok returns then i’m in! 🙂

  5. Poor bond market. Been watching it taking slides for some time. I still don’t own much but still waiting for the bottom to drop before putting full commitment in adding them in more aggressively into my portfolio.

  6. I wish the dollar would be at parity again with USD.

  7. I always find it incredibly interesting how the U.S. activity affects us up here in Canada. Why is that? Anyone know?

  8. I see a picture of Buffet on the article page and always wondered if everyone just mimics his investment activity and when everyone does doesn’t that adversely affect the direction and nullify things? rofl

  9. Nonsense. Equity markets are still a wonderful choice. I’m up 65% ytd.

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