Body Scanners Coming to Canadian Airports

Body Scanners Coming to Canadian Airports

Dozens of body scanners will be installed in Canadian airports to comply with new U.S. security protocols, the federal government confirmed Tuesday.

Rob Merrifield, minister of state for transport, said 44 scanners ordered on Tuesday will be used on passengers selected for secondary screening at Canadian airports.

CBC News has confirmed that the machines, which can scan through clothing, be installed in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.

The system, tested over the last year in British Columbia at the Kelowna Airport, allows a screening officer to see whether someone is carrying plastic explosives or other dangerous items.

The plan to use the technology has stirred controversy because the scanner produces a three-dimensional outline of a person’s naked body. Read More…

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  1. Derek O'Brien

    The US government is pushing these body scanners on countries around the world so that its sleazy defense industry can make money.  Nothing to do with safety,  all to do with greed and corruption,  big business owns the US government, and the US government playing games rather than being responsible to its people.

  2. shane

    No, this is fucking disgusting. They better leave the damned kids out of that scanner. It creates a nude image of a child and in any other case it is concidered child exploitation. Hell in this country you cant even draw a nude child in any style because it’s concidered child pornography. Even though our rights say we can do this. Section 2(b) of the Charter states that “Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: … freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.” The section potentially could cover a wide range of action, from commercial expression to political expression; from journalistic privilege to hate speech to pornography.If they can put us in jail for such atrosities they should be bound by the same policy.

  3. cooldude28

    Dana said: @cooldude28 that is because you are an exhibitionist

    🙂 i think you’re right! And i like it!

  4. Dana Delique

    @cooldude28 that is because you are an exhibitionist

  5. Brock S

    Where’s my tin foil hat and sun tan lotion.

  6. cooldude28

    I don’t find them so bad. I mean i am not the most important person in the world so why do i care if someone sees me naked.

  7. Bridger E.

    If only the US werent the ones causing this mess around the world we wouldnt need such things.

    Remember, the US actually sells arms to other countries who then use those arms to fight American soldiers.

  8. Chandler R.

    Lol, you raise a good point @hamster. I am constantly on my cellphone, computer, iPad, and now have to concern myself being radiated while traveling too. I am so the next human TV dinner.

  9. hamsterfood

    I make a ton of trips each year by passing through them so often will this mean my brain gets cooked?

  10. Oscar

    I have a small dingaling i dont want the rest of the world to know about it too. lol…just sayin’

  11. Reese K

    I think the main reasons behind its adoption is to assist the states in keeping potential terrorists out of their country, not so much ours.

    Poor USA, everyone wants to harm them.

  12. Rufus

    I can understand the necessity for such things but is this really so necessary?

    We’ve had airports for like forever and we have not had serious concerns ever.

  13. Vern S

    Hell Nah!

  14. Cole S.

    This will raise concerns of privacy to the nth degree.

    There’s always some people, no matter how much one claims are professionals, who will get a kick out of the nude imagery presented by said scanners.

  15. Antony Hills

    Scanners like this just open up the inevitable…that these workers will store these images, take them home, and beat off to them. Truly disgusting.

  16. Trevin

    Oh LOVELY!

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