Canada’s economy has done a good job of recouping all the jobs lost during the recession — just not as good as the numbers suggest, a new TD Bank report concludes.

The analysis, which comes a day before Friday’s data for December closes the books on 2010, notes that given the modest expectations, it was a strong year for job growth in Canada.

Dating back to July 2009, when the country stopped shedding workers, Canada has created more than 440,000 jobs, a greater number than was lost during the downturn. And through November 2010, the economy had generated about 350,000 jobs, well above even the most optimistic of forecasts.  Read More…


  1. I expect a full recovery byb the end of 2011. Sit tight!

  2. We need more self-employed individuals to start making new jobs. We shed a lot of them for the last two years and is the primary reason we have not recovered fast enough.

  3. what i’m saying is that the recession was because of bank financial collapse. TD has a vested interest in pointing out problems in the economy so that they can get newer legislation passed to soften regulations on them.

  4. @drunkdave, not sure i can see how td is involved. the report seems objective.

  5. Hmm..this report was done by TD. Does anyone else see a conflict of interest seeing as how TD is one of the culprits who got us into the mess.

  6. The article is spot on in pinpointing that the manufacturing sector is the core issue with our province.

    Exports require a weaker dollar but as it stands our currency is very strong.

  7. I blame Harper and bank greed!

  8. It’s been a hard time for Canadians. It was even worse for Americans.

    The gains over the last months although not as high as one would hope it does show positive movement and that is a good thing.

  9. We are still seeing improvement. How much recovery is one want?

  10. I’ve been saying this for years now. The recovery is only skin deep

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