Smartphone cellular contracts

Canada’s competition watchdog told the broadcast regulator how it would overhaul cellphone contracts, including doing away with hidden fees and misleading claims designed to make it harder to switch carriers and keep prices high.

In a submission to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the Competition Bureau laid out changes it would like implemented in the telecom industry.  Read More…


  1. Rogers and Bell have such a strong monopoly that competition is a bit weak in Canada.

    Yes we have Wind and Mobilcity but there reach is a bit inconsistent and roaming is a common problem. We need to open and have more serious competitors that arent gobbled up by the big two so true lower prices can happen.

    I read that Canada has the highest cellphone rates in the world. Yikes!

  2. Horray for Canada’s CRTC! It’s about time someone stood up to these rediculous games these telecomms are playing with us.

  3. Nothing will come of this. Just watch.

    We had this happen 5 years ago and nothing came of it.

  4. Really? And here i thought we had no choice but to suck it up if we wanted to have our phones.

  5. The other day i got into a bit of an argument with Telus over my contract (2 years) and my cancellation fee on top of the remaining charge for my Galaxy Note II is setting me back a small fortune that probably would have been better if i just bought the phone separately and went with them without a contract.

    So any welcome fix to this mess we have in this country is a welcome sight.

  6. I like the proposal of making unlocking free of charge. Welcome to the new millenium Canada seeing as our European cousins have had better laws to protect consumers from such gouging.

  7. One of the pet peeves i have with cell providers is their claims of ‘unlimited’ when in fact it isnt at all. This new steps will hopefully remedy that for good.

    The funny thing is many of my friends don’t complain at all about the high costs. So maybe these ideas arent necessary.

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