taxesHere are two stories that show how important it is to know how much tax you owe and pay the right amount. If you don’t, the government can hit you with heavy penalties.

In the first case, a woman sent a cheque for what she thought she owed. The Canada Revenue Agency didn’t cash her cheque and sent her a big refund in error. Many months later, it demanded repayment, plus interest, even though it had made the mistake. Read More…


  1. I make around 570.00 every 2 weeks and I have to pay 330.00 monthly to CRA. I also had my son listed as an employee and he worked at a different place so 10,000.00 was written off for him and not claimed …I get that and wrote CRA asking them to let me pay the taxes owed on 10 grand …NO not happening they grabbed 30 percent of his pay. I am now working to pay my son back and also my own 2600.00 that seems so large. They could care less that my husband has lost his hearing and we have lost our big income …just me 13.00 an hour .

  2. Hi @Nick! You could get an Equifax/Trans-Union credit report that shows several of your account details. That is your best option. I wrote a lengthy article about getting a free report. The report takes time to arrive since it is free. You can also sign up and get a live report asap though if you dont want to wait.

    The CRA only knows about the ones that were reported to them which includes savings accounts that earned interest (above $50), TFSA contributions, RRSP contributions, and GST/HST. I believe this is due to privacy concerns. We don’t live in a police state so they should only know the bare minimum about you.

    Hope this helps 🙂


  3. I had questions about an incident where do i have to go to get all accounts i possese . Because my family stoled everything i had there must be some where canada have all info on me and what i have …? 🙁

  4. The CRA creates pools of offenders (uses time, usury, and “tweeks” legislation) and then uses the advantage to reap massive monetary rewards through penalties and interest.

  5. CRA is garnishing my wages.

  6. @Luz Gier: Your a IDIOT you don’t end up in the “slammer” for now paying your taxes maybe if you try to scam them and commit a crime YES but not for getting behind in paying your Taxes this is Canada not the US. So shut the F&%$ up and stop trying to scare people. My EX has not filed for income tax in 16 years because he doesn’t want them to take his money for child support and do you know where he is?? At home in his house he hasn’t paid a damn cent of taxes and he’s out and free so SHUT UP your stupid.

  7. I am being audited by them. Their letter is completely ridiculous. It says you have to respond in thirty days and that fax is unreliable. They give you a postal address to send it to. Their brick and mortar address is on the bottom of the letter so I will be express posting it as well.

    I know a lot of people that don’t file and lie on their taxes but they do nothing to them. I won’t be letting them do it to me.

  8. If you follow the rules of the doing your income tax, you wont have any problems with them. I have noticed that the people who are using loopholes when doing their returns, they are ther ones that are making it harder for the ones that do it by the book. There are a lot of people filing their returns based on a tax scam: The natural Person theory. I resent these people who are trying to get huge tax returns, when some of them have hardly even worked, and they get a check for 50,000. I have seen the check with my own eyes that a20 year old got and he had only workrd a whole month in his whole life. These people are the ones we should be angry with. They are costing us honest tax payers money by wasting our taxes on special investigations trying to track down these people who feel it is unjust to hasve to pay taxes. Then , if thats the way they feel, then dont use the transcanada highway please, use the wagon trail. Dont use the emergency at your local hospital when you need medical assistance, pull out your book of home cures. . Oh and, if you are unemployed , do you think you should get EI? I dont think so! Go live in the bush and live off the land you idiots!

  9. My small business is being threatened by the CRA. Unfortunate for me I am behind in my taxes and owe lots. Most of it is penalties and interest.I have been paying installments on them, about $3000 per month and now they are reneging. I had to hire legal council to help me with my tax problems. I worry about them freezing my bank accounts. If that is going to be the case I will be unable to pay my employees who have had so much dedication to my company. I worry about them contacting my major client and if this will be the case I will be out of business. My worst fear is ending up in a homeless shelter. The CRA doesn’t care about you or your family. They use bully tactics, extortion and they are just plain evil. The bullying and extortion tactics go unnoticed by our federal government and they do nothing if you complain to your MP. My grandfather daughter against NAZI aggression in Europe. It appears he faught for nothing and we are seeing repeat of history- the CRA

  10. I find the comments from CRA employees interesting, brain washed sheep, out to ruin the lives of people and small businesses. Interesting that CRA is ‘committed to small business’ yet can justify taking out ALL a businesses operating revenue from a business who has been working their butts off and have stuck to their payment agreement MADE with CRA, had not skipped a beat in that agreement in the two years since the agreement had been made. Then have the CRA Tax Services office in Edmonton LIE a blue streak to you for TWO WEEKS. Thanks John Weir and your partner in crime Richard… next time you rape our family can you atleast take us for dinner first!

    This is the problem with our country we allow the ‘Taxman’ rape us! It HAS to end!

    Why are we even voting in these elections, maybe if we as Canadians saty far away from the polls at election time, it will send a message that we won’t be lied to and bullied. I am really tempted to move out of Canada and leave behind our nazi government.

  11. The Canada Rapist Agency exisits solely to steal money from the public! They are all a bunch of low life scum sucking parasites whose dastardly exploits are only exceeded by politicians and lawyers. When you see someone from the CRA, treat them like you would a rabid dog….stay away and call animal control!

  12. Those are some crazy horror stories and now i am kind of freaking out about what my 2009 return will be like (i havent received my refund yet, should be arriving any day now).

  13. The best advice for doing your taxes is to do it using electronic software such as QuickTax because not only is it fast and easy to understand but more importantly it cuts down on common errors that could end up costing you big.

  14. It always takes CRA several months to reassess an individuals returns and so this is why it is important to keep your mailing address and phone number up to date.

    Of course no one is happy to find out that their return is now a charge but things can escalate fast and you could end up behind the slammer.

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