Over the years I’ve continued to take on the occasional client in my consulting business; helping a few small businesses, individual investors and the odd institutional investor.

Over the past 16 months I’ve been working with a couple whose intentions have been to build their own dividend growth portfolio for retirement after being with various financial advisors for years.

Portfolio Construction is one of the most daunting tasks an individual investor encounters when they begin to accumulate capital and plan to manage their wealth on their own. Investors commonly look to copy successful investors (such as Warren Buffett), subscribe to various investing products promising success or look for ideas in the media (talking heads) in print or television.

I think all investors have asked themselves the following questions  Read More…


  1. Everyone should make it a priority to make room in their portfolio for dividend holdings. It seems just wrong when someone is planning and doesnt consider this. There are plenty of good pickings out there that can earn one a nice steady income for decades.

  2. Anyone know the tax consequences to dividends? If i recall divdends inside an RRSP is treated as regular income when you start deregistering.

  3. Because of the nature of the market the best and only advice is to make sure you don’t get fooled by putting your money in one type of stock. The article points this out under the Sector Diversification section.

    I have had a lot of friends get so excited about finding the right one that they don’t take into consideration that the price has already considered the good news and so the price is bound to just go down from there.

  4. Is it best to buy a collection that is in emerging markets or are is that risky since didends may not be paid out to investors?

  5. Research can’t be said enough! I got started late in the game and i missed a lot of good opportunities. But hey better late than never right?

  6. Aren’t dividend portfolio for old people and retirement though?

  7. Very good read. I had always focused on simple growth stock (diversified) and never thought much about dividend stock because they tend to stay flat on their price and their yield wasn’t that special unless you bought a huge amount of shares.

  8. If it were easy to build a descent list of quality dividends people would be doing it right now and not sticking their money in low interest bank saving accounts.

  9. Do government bonds and other more secure paths pay out didends too? Or is it just for publically shared companies?

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