Over the years I’ve continued to take on the occasional client in my consulting business; helping a few small businesses, individual investors and the odd institutional investor. Over the past 16 months I’ve been working with a couple whose intentions have been to build their own dividend growth portfolio forContinue Reading

With all the negative attention the stock market has received over the past 24 months its easy for investors to get itchy waiting for turbulence and fear to take hold once again. For the majority of 2010 all I’ve done is dividend investing at its best: dollar cost average (DCA)Continue Reading

Success is often difficult to determine and many use a measurement based solely on absolute returns although all investors seek positive returns in abundant forms.  It’s no mystery that the behaviour of investors follows similar cycles seen over and over in both boom and bust segments of market ups and downs and investors forContinue Reading

Recently in the comments section of a post from July 2008, titled 30% today vs. 50% tomorrow, a reader John asks the following question, “I noticed some of my mutual funds are showing a 70% return from one year ago (market low). Do you agree it’s a good time to sellContinue Reading

I’ve often heard in business that once is a coincidence, but twice is a trend. Canadian banks have performed quite well both during and after the credit crisis of 2008/2009 and despite a low interest rate environment have had robust mortgage numbers for a number of consecutive years. We’ve allContinue Reading

There are several types of auto coverage available to keep cars safe on the open road. The coverage for direct compensation-property damage is available in Ontario and mandatory when driving a vehicle there. When a car accident occurs and the fault is placed on the other vehicle the car damageContinue Reading