As much as we love our long weekends, the longstanding complaint is gas prices will go up and the weather will be lousy.

True to Murphy’s law, gas prices jumped up prior to the Easter long weekend. We were on holidays driving south to Salt Lake City where prices in the US also jumped.  As we were driving, even I jumped on the bandwagon asking my wife why gasoline prices always went up before long weekends.  My wife replied “So they really go up before a long weekend?  How do you really know?  do you have some statistics?”  Read More…


  1. Yes it is very true. I’ve been saying this to my spouse for years and every year during weekends we make it a game to look at prices just before and it never fails prices have always gone up during long weekends.

  2. Oh poor oil barons the entire break down makes it look like they are the poor ones in this with most of it going to taxes. BS. They are the most profitable business model on this planet. And we STILL subsidize them in the $Billions each year. Bet you didn’t know that!

  3. And rightfully so it should. People should start moving to electric cars or continue to get robbed and enjoy it.

  4. Are you serious? I am disgusted.

  5. Its all about oil speculators that set prices not the government or taxes. Speculators want more money in their pocket and when they do we pay more at the gas station.

  6. I think its funny that taxes have gone for the oil market yet profits go up and we pay more at the pump. Something is fishy.

  7. What is funny is every time we give more tax subsidies to big oil none of it comes back to us. None of it.

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