Although many people say Canada’s income tax system is overly complex — a realization often reached as they struggle to compile T4s and calculate federal and provincial credits — coming up with ways to reform it isn’t exactly a cakewalk either.

The system has grown over the decades to include a host of provisions, tax avoidance language and credits that provide tax relief for particular groups of Canadians, ranging from parents to volunteer firefighters. Helping people navigate that system has become big business.  Read More…


  1. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand the silliness of this whole thing. By simplifying the system you ultimately put the burden of the tax system ont eh backs of those making less. This is why it is complex. To protect and make sure everyone pays their equal share.

  2. With talk of lower taxes and a simplier tax system going on in the US i am not surprised to hear Canadians starting to wispher about it. Are we our own country or theirs? Sheesh!

  3. I still haven’t done my taxes this year 🙁 I always avoid them until the day before.

  4. @dave what is the most troubling is that only 1/3 of Canadians prepare their own tax.

    You’d think with the modern age people would know to use something like QuickTax and get it done in 10 mins, error free.

  5. I am blown away that filing is a $6 billion market! I am in the wrong business.

  6. It isn’t just the system and the gazillion useless tax credits in the code. It is the lack of work ethic in our people that is the problem. You can improve the system but it wont matter if you have a lazy bunch.

  7. The problem with the tax system IS because it is too complicated. The simple answer IS to have a flat tax.

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