When it comes to teaching your kids about quality financial decision making there are common mistakes many of us make.  Here are several of them, and where you can be on the forefront of ensuring your kids won’t fall into the same traps.


  1. But what if your kids are too busy staring at their phones to not want to listen, ever?

  2. With so much free credit it's way too hard to want to save.

  3. I've been teaching my kids since they were 5 and so far everything is looking good. I've set up investment accounts and their RESPs are maxed out. Let's just hope they continue the trend with their kids.

  4. THe benefit of making mistakes is that they will hopefully learn from them. At least that was the case with me. If i were taught i probably wouldn't have had concern to take it seriously.

  5. Good video. Sadly so many of us make those mistakes.

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