Investing in Canada To Become a Canadian Permanent Resident

If you’re still looking for an easy path to Canadian permanent residency, then immigration lawyer, Julie Beeton, explains the simple Canadian investment programs you can peruse.


  1. Fascinating video. My cousin actually followed a similar route and although it took a bit of time he has successfully become a Canadian resident. Highly recommended viewing for sure.

  2. Are there other methods since i get a sense one has to be super rich to have any chance.

  3. Is there an age restriction?

  4. Although I've heard some of these approaches I never really grasped them until now. Bookmarked. thank you.

  5. Interesting. But i wonder with a Conservative majority if they will look to limit this.

  6. Interesting about the part of investing for five years and taking the money back but still keeping my permanent status. It's good to be rich.

  7. She's cute.

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