Fed-up Clients Ditch Banks for ‘Transfer Day’

Fed-up Clients Ditch Banks for ‘Transfer Day’

The social media-organized protest against big banks crescendoed Saturday, with hundreds of thousands of fed-up customers yanking their money from large corporate institutions to dump it into credit unions.

Smaller community banks across the United States were recording an uptick in business as a result of the anti-corporate sentiment, which came to a head on so-called international “Bank Transfer Day” on Saturday.  Read More…

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  1. Tyreke

    I love the use of Guy Fawkes masks. It is so appropriate and needed for these days!

  2. Anika M.

    I just wish credit unions didnt charge membership fees just to join. I mean seriously wtf?

  3. Ola Gill

    Seems kind of a hollow victory seeing as how credit unions that are reaping the benefits of the move will end up growing big and doing the same as these larger banks.

  4. Trystan Rockafeller

    I would like to move to a small bank but i am just way too lazy to do it. I wish i could just push a button and move all my savings and accounts.

  5. Tom

    Big banks are going to really hurt in the morning of the new work week.

  6. Corbin D.

    Good to be a credit union in 2011.

  7. Javier Briley

    @greg, yah and lets not forget that it all started as a movement in Canada (kickstarted by a Canadian magazine)

  8. Greg

    I am really amazed at how this movement has spread so far around the world.

  9. Cooper Cochran

    Yay! I was one of those that did the big switch! No more TD Canada Trust for me.

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