A new report from The Conference Board of Canada suggests job seekers may be in for a tough time in the next few months.

The Ottawa-based economic research group said Friday its monthly help-wanted index survey suggests hiring prospects will be poor, falling in 17 of 26 metropolitan areas it surveys, including nine out of 10 in Ontario.

Also Friday, a forecast from Capital Economics predicted Canada’s economy will remain close to stall speed for the next two years, growing at just 1.5 per cent next year and one per cent in 2013.  Read More…


  1. I could have told you the same thing with no need for a study to show it.

  2. Deregulate the banks. It’s the only way to save us! Yes, just like what they do with the banks in the US. So they can gamble with depositer money and become too big to fail. /sarcasm off

  3. And wasn’t it Harper who was saying that Canada was experiencing excellent growth compared to the rest of the world which is suffering from a recession. Seems we are too 🙁

  4. Hey on the bright side our unemployment rate is only 7.1 versus the US’s eye opening 9%.

  5. And the truth comes out. Now let the pain begin.

  6. Oh that’s just great and the forecast is predicted to last for the next 2 years? Uugh! I’d move to another country but everyone is in the same mess. Thanks Canada for a wonderful holiday season.

  7. I own a small business and i can tell you that i am definitely experiencing it first hand.

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