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Few Stock Bargains in Canada Despite Widening Valuation Gap with the U.S.

Stock CanadaInvestors bullish on Canadian stocks seem to be a dying breed. The S&P/TSX composite has declined more than 12 per cent since its near-term high in mid-April and the summer pullback has brought down valuations in a number of sectors to the point where some stocks such as the banks look like outright bargains compared to historical averages.

Corrections tend to attract bargain hunters, but few buyers seem willing to dip into the Canadian stock market. Canada’s bleak economic outlook and expectations of further declines in corporate earnings mean bears are dominating the current environment.  Read More…

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  1. Darrius H says:

    Doesn’t sound like Harper is getting much sleep. Although it looks stable on the surface the Canadian economy is shrinking. Time for the NDP to take charge.

  2. Rolando D. says:

    The most interesting pull from the article was that utilities are also swinging wildly. Most times utilities are quite stable and why so many funds have them so this is eye opening.

  3. Keith M. says:

    I was one of the few that had healthcare sector in my portfolio. Definitely a great move. Doesnt usually work out for me usually but figured it was the best approach based on past experience. Up 40 points ytd.

  4. Bob Gajowski says:

    Always the best time to buy. TSX is down a lot but there are a rediculous amount of bargains. Kid in a candy store for seasoned investors.

  5. Rafael Eisberg says:

    Can someone explain to me why the loonie is taking such a big hit? I am interesed in also jumping into the US stocks but the conversion is the killer.

  6. Mark says:

    Does anyone notice that every September the indexes move down? I get a sense this is cyclical and all started back in 2008. It will pass. If the trend continues in late October then i will think twice.

    Until then i’m happy.

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