As students head back to class next week, shell-shocked investors looking for a little peace of mind may also want to hit the books to beef up their financial know-how and soothe their frazzled nerves.

The stock market is currently taking investors on a roller-coaster ride, meaning there has never been a better time to have an appropriate financial plan and the right investments in your portfolio.  Read More…


  1. Cant be said enough. I was (and still am) not educated enough about my finances. But luckily i have the motivation to figure things out.

    I guess the biggest motivator is the fear of losing my hard earned investments.

  2. But who has the time to educate onself when the markets are always changing?

  3. As always the best advice is simple: diversify your holdings in mutual funds. Done.

  4. Sadly the article doesn’t give a list of quality books to read to bone up 🙁

  5. Even long time investors get complacent. I think you need to be always on your toes and shuffling (buying/selling) shares at all times.

  6. It tends to be best to try to find a low-cost, high quality broker like say Questrade where you can focus on your holdings then fight with commissions. At least for me that is the best option.

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