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Finally! Alternative Investments For the Rest of Us

alternate investmentsThere’s no doubt some Canadian investors are cynical about the rise in popularity of alternative investments over the past few years. And really, who can blame them?

Hedge-fund strategies and non-traditional asset classes such as private equity and infrastructure are repeatedly touted for their significant diversification benefits and returns that are uncorrelated to stocks and bonds, but they also usually come with big price tags and, more often than not, are limited to institutional and/or accredited, high-net-worth investors.

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  1. Kevan A says:

    Never heard about this style of investing before. Sounds very complicated. I decided to take some time off work tomorrow to head to Chapters to have a quick read on this. You’ve peaked my interest 🙂

  2. Yeardley T. says:

    Haha i thought liquid alt meant they invest into alternative fuels. I can’t be the only one who thought that. 😛

  3. Harley says:

    I’m still not sure about them. Seems like the banks are at it again to try to get us to jump back into the markets with a new shiny trinket.

  4. Casey G says:

    Still not sure how this differs from funds. The ROI seems the same too.

  5. Blaine Bonnell says:

    Does anyone remember the US 2008 financial crisis anymore? Sheesh!

    The reason for the collapse was because of complex derrivatives no one had any idea what exactly it did. This is what i am seeing here. Sorry, not for me!

  6. Makala D says:

    Just like mutual funds alts have a bit of an mer. Returns seems good though. I haven’t checked my broker to see if any are offered.

  7. Kendrick Weiner says:

    liquid alts. My father was talking about them the other day. Seems really interesting. I’m actually going to dabble with this tomorrow. I will hopefully remember to come back and tell you more about it.

  8. Yates N. says:

    Thank god Canada has higher regulations than our brethren down south because its things like this that lead to trouble.

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