Five Investment Themes for 2015 and Beyond

Since this is the season for prognostications, I thought I would make a few of my own as this is my last column for 2014. But rather than attempting to predict specific events or pick specific stocks that will be winners in 2015, here are five macro themes that you might want to watch carefully next year — and beyond.

1. Oil

All Canadians are aware that oil prices have dropped precipitously during 2014. This has caused significant deterioration in the share prices of oil producers, even those with solid balance sheets and long-term hedging programs in place, who therefore ought not to be punished to the same degree as less responsible, highly levered participants.

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  1. Everyone is starting a new business and so private equity is indeed the big theme for 2015. Most banks are now less strict in offering low-cost loans to new businesses.

    Sure we are a country that is mostly in debt but i feel it is an investment for future gains. 🙂

  2. I was reading the other day that Canadian oil reserves and US have enough to keep oil a mainstay for decades to come without the need for Saudi intervention.

  3. Bond yields are still lousy and i think they will stay the same in 2015 🙁 You know its not worth it when you can make better returns in some credit union savings accounts (3.1%).

  4. I still don’t understand why oil prices have been dropping. Is it because EV’s are starting to catch on and the oil industry is looking to protect their profits by making consumers aware of the need for oil?

  5. You have a naive look at things @kelvin. Europe’s situation is much different than what America went through in 2008. You might need to do some more reading before you blame socialism. Hint: the world is all connected economically.

  6. The EU has not recovered as fast as us (or USA) is because of the socialist agenda they have rampant overseas.

  7. Liquidity is coming to the European countries in need. You can count on it — ECB has made that indirectly clear. So Europe’s depression will end soon enough.

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