The start of a new year causes many people to vow to change, make resolutions or try something new — after their hangover wears off anyway. For investors, it can be a good time to review their portfolios, investment goals and strategies: Is your investment plan working? Is your advisor earning his or her keep? Is your portfolio diversified and balanced?

Investors can, of course, stick with the tried and true, but they should also try to broaden their horizons. Here are a few new things to try in your investments in the next 12 months. These ideas may boost your returns this year. Certainly, in our career, we have seen great benefit from the first three.

Think outside the box

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  1. Sound advice when you read all the tips the article brings up but none of it is really surprising. The hardest part for most of us is not panicking when things turn and we sell all before we can reap the rewards. Be patient is my advice after being at this for 10+ years.

  2. Why didn’t it talk about crude oil prices?

  3. I like the part about hedge funds. I’ve been tempted to add a few in my holdings but felt the risk might be a bit high.

    Does anyone have any i could do research on?

  4. @Amanda, so true! I have been saying this for years that our Ontario school curiculum should made a prerequisite course (in Highschool) about money management!

    This to me would have made me a better person when growing up.

  5. The best info was teacihng your kids about the markets. Way, way too many children do not understand and worse, dont care about how this all works. And it is no wonder they grow up pennieless and in debt.

  6. With the U.S. republicans now in control of Congress i fear that their reckless governing will push us back to 2008 times. So i am iffy about investing since what America does has an affect on us all around the world 🙁

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