Former Gambler Wins His Life Back

Jeremy started gambling at school football and hockey pools when he was 11.

At 16, he went to his first racetrack, fibbing to his parents about his whereabouts.

“My first night at the race track was the greatest night I ever had. I loved the thrill, the rush and the excitement and I went back the next day and got hooked,” said Jeremy, who’s now in his mid-40s and requested anonymity.

When his mom gave him $40 to buy a new pair of shoes, Jeremy walked into a store, tried on a pair of shoes and walked out without paying.

“If I had $100, I would bet it. If I had $2 I would bet it and get the same thrill. I would beg, borrow and steal to gamble. When you’re a compulsive gambler, getting money to gamble is all you care about,” he said of his gambling addiction.  Read More…

Replies to this Post

  1. Peter says:

    Play money is not the same as real money.

  2. Etienne Henchman says:

    @Cookie you make a good point. When i do some fake gambling online its very similar. You think you’ll hit the big one each time.

  3. Cookie Dough says:

    Its not really that they dont care its just that they think the next one is going to be their big pay day.

  4. Jasen Bell says:

    Must be nice to have that much money that you can drop it down in the slots and not care.

  5. Macy Crasso says:

    Maybe i’m a dick but if someone has a gambling problem that seems silly. Just stop spending.

  6. Valery Foreman says:

    Gambling is a very hard addiction to overcome so seeing this kind of story rings volumes in my heart. I was much older so at 16 that was one serious problem.

    It takes friends and family to help you through this disease.

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