Any slump in Canadian stocks in the wake of the U.S. presidential election will be fleeting, history suggests. And while this isn’t any normal election, market strategists say the brighter outlook for energy outweighs rising qualms about the outcome.

Canadian stocks tend to sell off on a change in the White House, regardless of the winner, with the S&P/TSX Composite Index tumbling in the aftermath of eight of the past nine U.S. elections, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Yet the longer term outlook remains positive with a rebound in energy stocks, which represents 21 per cent of the index, expected to keep fueling the developed world’s best-performing equity index, according to analysts and investors.  Read More…


  1. ROFL! I thought i was the only one that noticed that trend. It’s crazy how connected the Canadian economy is with the U.S. Kinda sad when you think about that.

  2. Funny how the article makes mention that a Trump win would somehjow make it possible to resubmit the Keystone XL pipeline proposal. As if somehow Hillary Clinton wouldn’t pass it on day one. If anything it’s easier with Clinton than Trump.

  3. With Hillary expected to win the USA elections on Tuesday with ease and Hillary being very much for oil and gas and other wall street, it is going to be a very good year for us investors.

  4. Does the same thing happen during our elections?

  5. Wow so this goes back all the way back to 1980. I guess then it will be a good time to buy during the 5 trading days then — everything is on sale. Good to know.

  6. Not sure if i should be happy or sad because we are so energy dependent. We need to be more determined to push our country to be more independent so our markets don’t have to be so heavily tied to things like USA.

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