Don’t Panic, A Trump Presidency Isn’t as Bad as Believed

Trump presidency problems

Markets whipsawed wildly once it became clear that outsider Donald Trump had ascended to the Oval Office. For a brief moment, it appeared the cataclysm that many economists and analysts on Wall Street had been dreading had finally arisen.

It was feared that Trump’s regressive policies on immigration, foreign aid, trade, and taxation would spark considerable volatility and eventually lead the U.S. into a recession.

Nonetheless, after Trump addressed financial markets and shot some assurances their way, they calmed, and many, including the Toronto Stock Exchange, rallied, closing higher than when they had opened.  Read More…


  1. It’s really nice to hear that the XL Pipeline dream is back on the table. President Obama has been wishy-washy on the matter likely because the Left in their country are concerned about the environment impact and Obama didn’t want it hurting his legacy as being on the left, even though he is technically a moderate Republican.

  2. I can’t tell the difference between Hillary and Trump. Either way, it was going to be a positive thing for the stock market.

  3. Yea let’s hope the trend continues. My guess is it’s going to turn downard because of his unpredictable behaviour.

  4. Good that Canada will get some welcome good news indirectly from our southern friend’s elections. Now maybe the loonie will finally start to move up.

  5. He’s takled about the TPP and other trade deals. I just don’t see him walking away from those. And the markets seem to agree with me. If anything Trump will cement stronger trade deals which will benefit the markets but hurt local jobs. Hey, good days for investors though.

  6. It’s not a surprise that the stocks rebounded from the other day, during their election. Trump, although poorly educated, will likely listen to his neo-conservative cabinet and push for more wars, lower taxes on the top earners, and backroom deals.

    All of which will benefit the economy — at least temporarily. Get in while its hot. And get ready for a 2008 style crash. At least we know we can enjoy a few months of economic thrills.

  7. Focusing on domestic infrastructure. I don’t think the article writer has much idea on who Conservatives in their country are. Historically, conservatives cut domestic spending. The only kind of spending you will surely see is more wars and no-bid military contracts.

    The US debt is going to rise 10 fold under Trump. How do i know? Just look at the last 5 Republican presidents. It’s the Democratic presidents that reduce the debt.

  8. Trump has threatened to tear up the Iran deal which could have a negative impact on our economy. That should be talked about more than his obvious republican retoric of tax cuts.

  9. This surprising win must be a big surprise to Trump as well. His last days of campaigning you could tell he knew he lost.

    It wasn’t that Trump won, but that Hillary’s base did not show up. They knew she was a fake and only about her personal interest and worked for corporate donors. She didn’t work for the American people. So they didn’t show up.

    As the saying goes: When you ask the people to vote for a republican or someone who acts republican, they will vote for the republican every time.

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