How to Put Your Investments in the Right Accounts

It is not uncommon for individuals who have saved for some time to have multiple investment accounts. Often, they will have one in their own name, one in a holding company’s name, and at least one more registered account such as an RRSP, RESP or TFSA.

The rules differ depending on age and other factors, but the key shared element among registered accounts (so long as money is not withdrawn from them) is that they grow tax deferred over time, allowing for significant compounding of one’s assets.  Read More…


  1. Yay! What do i get for being a person who has all of the registered types under my belt 🙂

    I guess this means i am a responsible investor? Doesn’t feel like it. I just picked what my bank was offering because it made sense.

  2. Dividend income is your friend. Most people think this is for older folks who want to live on a consistent flow but if you invest right it can be quite the vehicle.

  3. Hiring an experienced planner is just plain silly (from the article). Managing your funds is a necessary thing that all should be doing on their own and not relying on someone else. And its fun.

    I teach my kids about proper management and it pays off. My parents were the same to me and it was the best information i got from them.

  4. @finance junkie, me thinks Harper et al. are merely using the $10K contribution limit as a poltical game and don’t really mean it after election season. We’ve seen this before (if you’ve been alive longer than i have).

    Trust me, they wont do it. It would put a giant hole in our economy very quickly. When all is said and done we still need taxes to run this country.

  5. The hardest part is knowing how to distribute in each in a tax efficient way. Most people think it is smart to buy stocks in TFSA which is perfectly fine but most dont realize you want to only hold Canadian equity only because US ones who offier dividends are withheld at a significant amount, among other things.

  6. I still haven’t made much use of the tfsa contribution limits which is quite sad since i am hearing the conservatives are thinking of upping the yearly limit to $10,000 which would be amazing!

  7. Ah yes tis the season when people shoudl begin their savings ways. Now if we can get the other 85% of canadians to do the same this country would be in much better shape. 🙁

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