The 10 Biggest Threats to the Global Economy Right Now

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In its latest World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) puts the chances of growth in global output falling below the recession threshold of 2% next year at just one in a hundred. Is this too sanguine a view?

Global recessions are quite rare events, so if you had to put money on it, you’d go with the IMF. Even when one part of the world is in recession, it is more than likely that others will be growing quite strongly, leading to aggregate growth overall.

Yet right now, the world economy is all over the place. Some advanced economies – notably the US and the UK – are rebounding quite strongly, others are sinking yet further into the mire, and almost everywhere, estimates of potential future growth are being revised down.  Read More…

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  1. Lynn Charles

    Threats to the global economy will always be there. These 10 things are nothing new. If it weren’t these 5 things there would be ten others. We humans love drama and will always be looking for the next thing to be concerned over.

  2. Mathew

    Hey as long as my stocks portfolio are up why do i care what the economy does. I am not an agressive trader but my holdings are quite diversified and even in a bear market i am still making a good return (not as high, but still good).

  3. Bryce Keyes

    I love how everything is connected. So although we live in a first world country we are very much affected by the little guys. Very cool to see how we are all connected.

  4. Elton Czapski

    Why are all thing geo-political on the list? So let me get this straight our Canadian economy will be affected by the crazies of Isis? Why should we concern ourselves over that?

  5. Elton Hornsby

    Remarkably our real estate market is still booming and bound for correction. That to me is the biggest concern for our economy at present.

  6. Bradly Henschel

    Isn’t China the biggest economy now? Or is the U.S. still top dog?

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