Ontarians expecting some immediate price hikes on Canada Day when the new harmonized sales tax comes into effect scrambled to make their last-minute purchases Wednesday hoping to save on the cost of gasoline at the pumps.

With only half a tank of gas, Toronto film technician Dean Ford made sure to fill up before the HST set in Thursday and adds another eight per cent to the cost of a fillup.

At an Esso gas station near the heart of downtown Toronto, Ford said he’s looking to cut costs anywhere he can since his young family already has a hard enough time making ends meet.  Read More…


  1. I an an aboriginal member of canada and the hst will essentially rob me of the normal point-of-sale exemption i normally get from the provincial portion of the tax. I am deeply disappointed.

  2. It should stand for “Hike” Sale Tax. That is what it feels like. Prices everywhere are going up. Just today i was alarmed to find that even liquor was not spared this monstrosity of a tax.

  3. Strangely enough i still am seeing many merchants online are still showing GST and PST charges on products. Why is that?

    Funny that NCIX is showing all three charges (gst, pst, and hst) for all orders. It’s clearly a mistake but funny to see your shopping cart doubled in taxes.

  4. oh my goodness, my family were out on frenzy last night buying all kinds of things before the hst was put in place today. Not sure why since most of the things they bought were not affected directly by it.

  5. This new tax i feel is a mixed bag of feelings for me.

  6. It’s heeeeeerrrrreeeee!

  7. Boo! This is bad news for all of us. It is merely a shift in those hidden taxes from business to us, the consumer. The government claims that over time prices will go down but do we honestly believe them? With the introduction of the HST if it is be fair it is necessary to reduce the total family tax burden.

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