Although on first impression one may think the US market should be similar to Canada there are surprising and fascinating differences.  In this video they explore the pros and cons of each country.


  1. Our real estate market is significantly in better shape than our southern brothers. We for one don’t let our banks run amok in things. I still think we are still in good shape and worth investing.

  2. So does this mean having some mix of CAD and USD REIT stocks is a good idea?

  3. With the Loonie now taking a hit on the foreign exchange this is one of the indicators that things won’t be as rosey soon. Be careful.

  4. Big, big differences. Regulations is one of them.

  5. It all comes to location. The American market has a lot more prime locations and so there are heavy differences to consider. The video does a good job but there are some more differences that at least for me have experienced.

  6. It really impresses me that the Vancouver area market is still booming. When will it end. I remember a thread running a daily countdown to when the crash would happen. That was 4 years ago. The boom is still going! I wish i never listened to advice and jumped ship 🙁

  7. @qoz – all 3! That is the beauty of house investing. It can be addictive.

  8. And i am still lost on what the differences are 😛

  9. I never understood the whole crazy of real-estate. Do people simply buy homes, clean them up, and sell them? Or buy, hold, and wait for the prices to go up? Or buy, hold, and simply rent them out?

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