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  1. Damon

    Fun to watch! I agree that the educational system should change but i am not too convinced that the idea og working in groups is part of the answer.

    The system is a bit broken because it doesnt put enough emphasis on creative thinking and also current information. Everything just seems to be put out there in a dry form that makes it less appealling for even the hardest worker.

  2. Maurice O'Toole

    Although this is American it is the same here. Its really frightening.

    Our Country looks more and more American every day and we spend so much time watching their broadcasts. We are not only losing ourselves but our culture.

  3. Lars Huddleston

    Too much channels, too much distration is bang on right! With so much flashy, shiny objects why should we pay attention to boring school?

  4. Jovanni Lackey

    I LOVE RSA Animatins!!

  5. Greg Waite

    This raises some very important issues. We are putting less value in kids minds in getting an education. Today we are hearing kids get rich by ideas from the internet. Why should they continue to go to school when their friends are rich while not.

  6. Shari Simonson

    The problem is government is controlled to work for a smaller few and so the money that should be for education is going to others which ultimately hurt the country as a whole.

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