Investing In Gold And Silver

First, it’s necessary to decide how you want to deal with these precious metals. (I’m adding silver into the discussion, though other metals, like platinum and copper, are also significant.) People have been using them for coinage and ornamental purposes for thousands of years; early civilizations like the Sumerians and Egyptians seem to have focused primarily on gold for jewelry and ornamentation.

Weighing your choices

Gold is measured by troy ounces (12 troy ounces to a pound). It’s extremely heavy for its volume; ‘specific gravity’ gives it a weight more than 19 times heavier than water. (Gold-panning miners rely on this, looking for gold in river bottoms, where it would sink and become lodged in crevices.)

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  1. What about investing in diamonds? Why just gold and silver? 🙁

  2. Although i can understand the value in it i think the future is more towards virtual currencies.

    Right now Bitcoin is unstable but it shows a need for a universal currency that is away from the big bank hands.

  3. My family have been investing in silver for decades into the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. We do so more for past time sakes not for monetary gain.

  4. When i hear Fox News i get scared and need to invest in such things but when you do more reading you find its really not that worth it.

  5. The best advice as described is to invest modestly. Don’t over do it. I remember a friend going nuts buying gold and it ended up biting him in the behind when it collapsed in value.

  6. I still say you have to be mighty paranoid to need to invest into precious metals.

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