Is Value Investing the Riskiest Investment Strategy?

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Value investing has been a hugely popular and successful investment strategy for decades. Proponents of value investing include Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett – both of whom went on to achieve staggering returns over a prolonged period of time.

While the rewards from value investing appear to be relatively high, the risks may also prove to be greater than many investors realise.  Read More…


  1. Although most of value investing is simple to understand and most of us do it without realizing there are still concepts most don’t implement which cause them to miss big opportunities such as not having a margin of safety.

  2. This strategy still requires a long term approach. There is no instant reward. You may even have to wait several years before your investment pays off.

  3. To be honest Buffett hasn’t made that many spectacular moves for a number of years now.

  4. So i gather value investing is yet another strategy?

  5. I always considered this to be a high-risk because you tend to go against the herd.

  6. If Warren is doing it then it’s a good enough reason that i should look more into it.

  7. Still requires pateince and eagerness to read some deep corporate document readingand accounting. At least for me those are what i had to do to be successful.

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