Canada’s unemployment rate held steady at 7.3 per cent in May following two months of large gains.

Statistics Canada said Friday the economy created 7,700 new jobs last month. That wasn’t enough to move the employment rate one way or the other, although it was slightly ahead of the 5,000 gains that economists were expecting.

But the jobs showing was a marked slowdown from the previous two months, which saw 58,000 and 82,000 jobs created in April and March, respectively. The weak showing should be taken within the context of generally strong showings before that, the Royal Bank of Canada noted in a commentary following the data release.  Read More…


  1. Businesses should hire more workers then. They should consider young workers.

  2. The jobs here slow down, and they rise up in china, it is just a relocationing,…

  3. The economy is slowing and one of the signals is a stagnation of employment/unemployment.. We are not in the red yet but it is a indicator to start shifting your investments into more secure alternatives. We are headed into a recession. Canada may have weathered the storm compared to the rest of the world but i have always said that it was only merely a delay, not a passing.

  4. It’s not a surprise that employment rose in Alberta. With the XL pipeline likely to be approved by the US it will add more jobs in that province temporarily.

  5. Although 7.3% isnt good, relative to the United States which is hovering around 8.4% we are doing quite well.

  6. We are having more children and retiring later (due to conservative policies passed) which means there is going to be a rising level on unemployment in the coming years.

  7. Oh noes! Harper’s plan to rob Canadians blind isnt working out the way he hoped. Like the US, conservatives will make a mess and NDPs will have to go in to clean it up.

  8. Manufacturing jobs are decreasing and will continue to slide as more jobs are shifted overseas.

  9. Shame it doesnt mention which provinces had the greatest gains 🙁

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