Do you know how much money you’re earning for the amount of time you work? Of course you know that your salary is “x” amount of dollars and your typical work week might be 35 to 40 hours. However, there’s a real trade-off in time, energy and money that’s directly associated with your job.

Here are six reasons why you’re earning less than you think:

1. Transportation

Getting to and from work, whether you drive, walk or take public transportation, costs you time and money. How long is your commute? Calculate how much money you spend on a bus pass, walking shoes, gas, parking, tolls, traffic tickets, and car (and bike) maintenance.  Read More…


  1. This article fails to point out inflation as a big factor. Haven’t you noticed that each year everything goes up by whatever in the grocery store when the minimum wage stays flat? Inch-by-inch we are getting poorer.

  2. What i feel sorry for are those blue collar workers who work most of their day to death with little bacon to take home. And we continue to gut them for more and more by increasing the retirement age and cutting their benefits. That is the real concern.

  3. The best advice is for people to invest in index funds which historically weather the likes of inflation and other conditions.

    Leaving your money in savings accounts is the worst thing.

  4. There are countless things that eat us away. It isnt just what is talked about. It’s also taxes.

  5. Clothing? Seriously? Most men dont have this problem; only women. Unless you are a metrosexual.

  6. And yet most Canadians are overweight and love sitting on their butts. We are earning less because we chose to be that way.

  7. I think it is more than that. Most people are just disasters when it comes to saving. They spend and that’s all they do.

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