1. I have my mortgage with them. They are very particular about the application process, but once accepted they have been wonderful to work with. Customer service has been fantastic and fast. No issues here ūüôā

  2. The crappiest bank imaginable. Service is extremely slow and cannot keep up with the current fast pace of the world.
    I have to stay in Canada for extended periods of time and I have an account in India. They offer no help from here. They cannot help me retrieve a password online. Still living with snail mail!!! They cannot even register a Canadian phone number and to update an Indian phone number I “have to”visit the branch in India… which is impossible since I am in an entirely different continent. If i request an update by snail mail it takes days to get updated and you are totally screwed in case of emergency even if you have money in the bank. In case of medical emergency when i needed to to transfer money to my family they just stuck to their rules and offered no help or care.
    Disgusting bank.
    First thing I will do next time I land India is shut my account there.

  3. i will bever recommend anyone to open the bank account with ICIC. it really sucks
    they dont have enough branches and top of it there customer care really sucks because they don thave any authority to make it happen.
    I moved to nee place where there is no ICICI bank at all. thats ohk but if you wanna have some fund from other account you cannot do it you have to mail all the details to them which takes ages to reach. when you link youyr account and trasfer moeny from your other bank ac to ICICi they hold the amount for 5 days for checking..are you your mind!!!! does it make any sense, i got this moeny transfererred from account and i have linked it already as per your instruction and then what is the point of holding the moeny fpr 5 days????it really makes me feel irritating. customer care says it a bank policy i was like its my money!!!!
    it is really painful to send money and maintain this account …i will receommend to everyone if you are planning to use this bank for money transfer its okk but dont try to use it as your primary account it gonna be life taking account..canadian banks are so good and so advcance cthat it really makes your life easy…

  4. I only have an online savings account which I am planning to close soon. The customer service is horrible. They connect to some guys in India who have no idea how to talk to customers in Canada. It’s horrible. I would not want to deal with them anymore. This bank will not be able to survive here in Canada if they don’t change their attitude and management style. The ‘Typical Indian Attitude” doesn’t work with Canadian Customers. I would not recommend this bank to anyone who is sophisticated and cultured.¬†

  5. Currently hold my mortgage with ICICI for the past year and have had no issues. Customer service is excellent whenever I’ve called regarding my mortgage.

  6. Be careful with this company!. After completing the online application form with many personal details (SIN, address, occupation, work place, mother’s maiden name, secret password, etc) and mailing in the required deposit cheque to link to an external bank account, they will contact you asking you to mail in two pieces of “ID proof”. ¬†i.e. copies of your passport and drivers license. ¬†Really? ¬†Mail in copies of government-issued photo ID to an unknown PO box?? ¬†This just sounds like a set-up for identity theft. ¬† ¬†However, they refuse to open an account without this. ¬†I’ve now made 4 phone calls over the past 4 weeks trying to cancel the account set-up and have the cheque returned. ¬†Each time, I’m promised that the cheque is in the mail and that someone will contact me in 48-72 hours with the results of their investigation as to why the cheque hasn’t been received yet. ¬†Needless to say, they don’t bother calling back. ¬†I presume it hasn’t been returned yet because it’s in India being copied and used to help set up a new identity for someone, using all the personal details I recorded on the application form.

  7. Have their high value chequing account for three years-never had a problem. Great rate and no service charges. Any queries are solved online in two days. These people commenting are either illiterate or never think before they act. I would recommend this bank without any hesitation!

  8. ICICI has the worst customer service. Hard to get used to the accent and speed of those customer representatives (considering I live in Toronto full of Indian descent and I never had problems understanding them in person). They almost always ask me to speak louder as they could hardly hear me (whereas it is hardly an issue when I talk to other people on the phone.) As a result, they don’t seem helpful at all. It’s quite a task to talk to those customer service folks.

  9. Absolutely sucks! I had opened a checking account with them four months ago. Recently I transferred my money to open a 2-yr TFSA GIC:

    1) They hold YOUR funds for 5 days as if you are a criminal swindling money
    2) After the funds started showing as available, I went online and applied for TFSA. Two days later I get an email that my request failed because my funds were on holds. Hello? Your website showed them cleared and only after that I initiated the process.
    3) Another funny part, they ask me to mail my updated SIN. WTF? I provided my SIN while opening account and they need it again?

    20th century morons. Their service in India is much better than Canada. I’m going to close my account. STAY AWAY FOLKS!¬†

  10. @dr.me – and to add insult to injury it breaks every 5-mins. even to this day! Try moving your money to another account or external bank. the end screen will be missing and you have to re-log back in to see any results. cringe.

  11. Anyone who joins them has some serious ballz! I never joined out of pure fright!

  12. I think icici has a bad reputation but i think if you are merely only saving and not goign to call reps or do anything else (e.g. gics) then it is a perfectly fine alternative. There rates arent good at the moment though.

  13. There online banking is horrendous. You’d think it would have improved over the years. Its still stuck in the mid-90s.

  14. I think there have been at least one horror story by every member of that bank.

    I originally read them all but decided to join anyway because way back then they were offering rates at 4.5%. Bad mistake. Took weeks to get things resolved.

  15. They were a sucky bank when i had joined. I ended up closing the account of how terrible their customer service was.

  16. @bobo rotflmao…i know eh! I could never remember how many i’s and c’s there were when i wanted to tell my buddies about them when i had joined. I wanted to get them in on it too because at the time they had a referral bonus.

  17. What they hell is an ‘icici’?

  18. They still operating legally in Canada. Tells you how bad our system has become.

  19. I’ve been with ICICI bank for some time. Although their interest rates are not as high as it once was all i did was just save and for me they were never a problem.

  20. Is it safe to openly admit that i still have a HiSavings account with them?

  21. I cant imagine someone would join beyond anything that was their hiSAVE Savings account. If one does it is just asking for trouble. No thank you!

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