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How to Solve a Debt Problem

There’s little debate that the financial problems we face, both collectively in terms of the economy, and individually in terms of our personal finances, are rooted in debt. We have major balance sheet issues at the public, private and sovereign level. The markets have rebounded significantly, but the real economy has demonstrated a much more muted recovery, and unemployment is still unacceptably high.

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  1. mthoburn says:

    It is hard to know where to turn, but there are still options for those feeling buried in personal debt.

  2. Davis Bowen says:

    China is becoming the biggest player in all this. Sad day for them though they are holding so muhc US debt that if the US defaults it will hurt China big time.

  3. Yates Rutter says:

    @brady – yea but asking for reform is like asking the thieves to not steal. Until the entire system collapses totally and unrecoverably like the 1912 crash there will be no serious attempts at reform…ever.

  4. brady says:

    The system needs a serious overhaul. Because the U.S. has such a stranglehold on the world economy then when they experience a tremor (or collapse like 2008) the rest of us feel it too.

  5. Callum Boyle says:

    @badboy00 – hey thanks for the link. So far its pretty good!

  6. Amanda says:

    Was watching this cool documentary called Maxed Out. Everyone should watch it.

  7. Derick Coyne says:

    It’s all about spending. Yes it does seem illogical on first though that to get out of debt one must explore spending but spending is all about stimulus and if done correctly is the only real way out of debt.

  8. Irwin Beakes says:

    Not sure i agree totally with the original articles ideas but its interesting.

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