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Lessons From Heartbleed – 5 Ways to Protect Your Money

protect investHeartbleed, a software defect discovered this week with an aptly terrifying name, has scared us all into taking a second look at the security of our online financial data. This includes even the Canada Revenue Agency, which shut down its site Wednesday to protect our precious, and incidentally vulnerable, information.

But we should be vigilant on a regular basis. Here are five ways to prevent financial hemorrhaging and fight online fraud.  Read More…

Replies to this Post

  1. Kristofer Barnes

    It really is amazing how much this sudden insident popped up and freaked out pretty much eveyr online avenue i go to. I couldn’t get onto CRA for a full week.

  2. Jesse

    Is this similar to the Y2K scare? I hear all these big stories but haven’t seen much in the world collapsing due to it.

  3. Graham D

    I began checking my investment portfolio to make sure everything was ok. I got feedback that everything is good. Load off my back.

  4. Heriberto Bradley

    Ugh does this mean i have to figure out a new pattern for a strong password? What a headache.

  5. Ryker T.

    I strongly recommend everyone change their credentials on all major spots that you care about. As a precaution.

  6. Mackenzi

    Seems like CRA was the one that got hit the hardest. I guess for them they were more paranoid to take down the entire service and review things first.

  7. Cleo Troutman

    Did anyone read that the NSA knew about this https bug for years and kept quiet about it. I wonder how much they know about Canadians.

  8. Keenan Hickman

    Who thinks of these strange bug names? Even my partner who knows next to nothing about computers heard about this…way before me.

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