As you may know, Michael Ignatieff reaffirmed the Liberal support for a national child-care program.
This, of course, started a firestorm on both sides of the political spectrum.

On The Right
I know better than to engage the Right of Twitter (#roft) folks in direct debate, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. @HelpOntario is a Conservative from, wait for it, Ontario, who hasn’t quite reached Troll status. This exchange started with a tweet from @SusanDelacourt, the author of the article:  Read More…


  1. Seeing as how our healthcare system is in need of ammending something like this may be years before it can be passed. It’s a good start that talks are on their way.

  2. I have children in day care and something like this to help reduce the burden for a single parent is always welcome.

  3. If the contributions are not made directly on behalf of the child towards care you can bet the parent(s) might not be using it entirely for that purpose. More thought is needed before it can even be considered.

  4. In france they have a National program for children that my guess is this will mimic in some parts. It sounds like a good idea. But will it pass?

  5. This kind of program is rife for abuse. I know some women who will just ahve kids for the sake of getting this extra $100/head.

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