This story isn’t about black clad idiots who get off on creating havoc and mayhem. It isn’t about police who view their fellow citizens as terrorists and threats instead of neighbours and friends. This story isn’t about the violation of our rights and freedoms, nor is about the success orContinue Reading

There has been a lot of talk in the past week or so about the possibility of some kind of political alliance between the LPC and the NDP. Mr. Ignatieff is reported to have said today that while he has no intention of any kind of pre-election deal with theContinue Reading

As you may know, Michael Ignatieff reaffirmed the Liberal support for a national child-care program. This, of course, started a firestorm on both sides of the political spectrum. On The Right I know better than to engage the Right of Twitter (#roft) folks in direct debate, but sometimes I justContinue Reading