Everyone knows it’s RRSP season, but what’s less obvious is how to best direct your contributions over the years. Different ages and life stages call for different strategies.

There’s an overarching theme, though: anything you can put toward your retirement is a good thing.

“When it comes to contributions, it’s a journey, not a sprint,” says ?Wade Stayzer, vice president of retail banking and investment services at Ontario’s Meridian Credit Union.

“The sooner you start contributing to your future savings, your nest egg, the better off you’re going to be in the long run.”  Read More…


  1. I am still amazed that most people don’t understand the value of RRSP and how it can reduce the tax burden when you are at a higer tax bracket.

    Most people just think it as a savings account which is wrong.

  2. People forget that CPP is also another retirement device for those who neglected to save into their golden years.

  3. I’ve always wished i could retire early. I never started to put towards my rrsp until late in life. Now i feel i will be working into my 70s 🙁

  4. Yea but trying to get the young to invest/save is the hardest part.

    They all need to spend!

  5. What i can’t understand is why so many people need to get married and have kids which surely is the reason why most people tend to stop saving as we get older and why most will say the best time is when you are young and dont have all these burdens.

    Wouldn’t this say then that when you get older and you dont have a mortgage, marriage, or kids then you are still okay in terms of rrsp investing?

  6. I personally think good spending habits only arise through good parenting and just plain hardships through experience. most people dont have that and so don’t find the value in saving.

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