Ever notice how sometimes when you go shopping for one thing, you end up bringing home four or five other things? How many times have you heard, “I only came in for…” at the check-out?

Stanford University did some studies about how shopping can lead to more shopping. It seems that buying that fateful first item sets you on a shopping track that can end with you spending far more than you planned.  Read More…


  1. I get the impression they are trying to shame the stores for being clever enough to understand human behaviour. It’s human nature to want stuff they dont have and so when they see deals they cant help themselves.

    Perfectly natural!

  2. It would be interesting if study was broken down by gender. My guess is this is a bigger issue with women then men.

  3. Shop ’til you drop people! Spend, Spend, Spend! Seesh! Does anyone ever save today?

  4. We are a nation of debt. When credit cards became very easy that a 18 year old can get 10 (unsecured) it was the moment that we lost control of our habits.

  5. The article provides a poor solution to this over spending problem (using a separate wallet).

    People need to prioritize their spending habits. But like anyone wants to do that.

  6. People are always wanting something. It is a biological need. Call it an insecurity if you want but evolution wise its better to have what you don’t need than to want but can’t afford.

  7. It’s things like this that make it hard to keep money in our chequing accounts. Now with 7 days a week of stores always being open there is no chance to think out what or when we buy. I miss the old days when the weekend nothing was open.

  8. LOL based on their test with the CD and keychain i am scratching my head as to why someone would want that. I guess iw ould make a lousy test subject.

  9. Lap it up people! And when your credit card bill comes in at 29% interest rate and you complain that you can’t pay off your debt you can refer back to this post and realize what went wrong.

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