Small business vs internet giants

Since 2010, Square Inc’s matchbox-sized card readers have steadily supplanted credit card machines in coffee shops and corner stores across the United States.

Now, the company, one of Silicon Valley’s most highly valued private firms, is diving into a market as expansive the internet itself.

Square launched a shopping website this week called Square Market to serve as an online storefront and payment processor for small businesses, a move that pits the closely held company, valued at $3.25 billion, against popular e-commerce destinations such as eBay Inc, Inc and Etsy.  Read More…


  1. It’s a new dawn for small businesses here in Canda. I have a tools shop and have decided to never go online due to the hardship of getting it all done so having something like this could help.

  2. Ahh so that is what Square is all about. I’ve heard about them but never paid too much attention.

  3. I still don’t see the point of this when you have PayPal and eBay that do the same thing.

  4. Man i feel old and useless since this guy has made Twitter and now this Square thing.

  5. Seems like a logical next step.

  6. Although i can see what they are doing by allowing small shops to come online i still think it won’t be as much success as they hope since small shops still have other details to take care of such as inventory write ups en masse and then doing things like shipping which may not be ideal since the amount of stuff they have may only be for local crowds.

  7. I’ve used Square before and it’s pretty easy to use. It works on both Android and iPhone/iPad very well. I didn’t have much use for it though but was just curious to try it out.

  8. Where can i get this device?

  9. Finally someone take a chance in trying to digitalize the local arena.

  10. I assume this could be used for peer-to-peer transactions too?

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