Youth unemployment

Some may call them whiny and self-important, but when it comes to jobs, Generation Y’s sense of entitlement is partly the result of being pointed down career paths that have led them back to the same opportunities they had when they were teenagers.

“I don’t expect vacations, shopping or extravagance in my life,” said Angie Robbins, a 27-year-old who has a bachelor’s degree in nursing. “I want to work, [but] I seem to not be allowed to.”  Read More…


  1. Canada claims to be so fair, unbiased, prosperous, and happy. It is all just a scam and fraud. They are like used car sales people trying to get some suckers to buy the crap junk vehicles nobody wants, and they will do anything or say anything to suck people into the sucker deal. Canadian citizens and immigrants with all kinds of education and experience can’t find work worthy of their experience because governments, private companies, agencies are drowning in a culture of lies, excuses, inefficiencies, and game playing to waste everyone’s time. They bring in limitless numbers of unneeded Temporary Foreign Workers to take away jobs from citizens because the corrupt Canadian employers want a cheaper source of manipulated, ignorant, slave work force that will submit to any kinds of indignities that citizens would not accept. The foreign labour corruption scandal is now spreading across Canada and hopefully will cancel the TFW Program.

    All should do research into what Canada is selling you a set of fraudulent expectations to citizens, immigrants, and foreign workers. Read all the comments on RateMyEmployer, Topix (Victoria, BC, Canada), Yelp, TheDirty, Yahoo Answers, Better Business Bureaus, “Why Some Immigrants Leave Canada”, and others.

  2. Personally education is overrated. We are spending way too much time in the classroom in unversities and very little time building realworld experience.

    No one wants to hire a kid who doesnt know anything.

  3. But then why not just go to school for a profession that isn’t oversaturated like a Doctor?

  4. Its a tough world out there. I should know i was one of them. But like me you just gotta put on your boots and get out there. Once you get there its all good.

  5. Why do people get University degrees when no respectable job ever asks for them?

    That is what i want to know. I never got a degree and am making over $100K.

  6. Sadly i am currently unemployed. I graduated about 2 years ago and no one takes someone who has a Masters in History Literature. 🙁

  7. Generation-Y are a bunch of whiners. It is obvious. The internet age has made their brains soft an donly depend on Facebook or Twitter as their only practice in life.

  8. On the bright side we aren’t as bad as the U.S. Their unemployment rate is through the roof. But Harper and the Conservatives arent doing a good job though.

  9. Its understandable there is a sense of entitlement. This generation has been given a lot so its a real shock when they find they have to work for everything at a certain age. The same was true when i was young.

  10. For ladies you can always go into stripping since that is always a high paying, low education required entry job. Just sayin’

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