Buying a First Home can be a very stressful & scary time for most Canadians. This article will be outlining the step-by-step First Time Home Buying process I work through with my clients.

As a Real Estate Specialist my goal is to provide First Time Home Buyers with the most qualified information possible. I enable you to purchase with ease and have full understanding of the process you have to go through by shining a light on every aspect of the deal. I do this so you expect the next step of the process and are not surprised by it.

Through positive feedback I have found this step-by-step outline to be very beneficial to First Time Home Buyers. This is an outline that is looked at as the “Buyers (things to do) Checklist” from the beginning to the end of the process. I have outlined these tasks in this order so each mandatory step is completed before the next. It is a process of elimination with the goal of turning the First Time Home Buyer into a successful First Time Home Owner!  Read More…


  1. I wish there was a site that gave all the necessary paper work and local phone #s to make the buying a bit easier. My partner and I had more difficulty than could imagine when we bought our first home.

  2. Didn’t cover Bridge Loans.

  3. First time buyers have the benefit of several existing tax credits which this article failed to mention.

  4. There must be ways to reduce the legal fees or do it on your own. One can lose several thousands on this portion of a new purchase.

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