Stock Selection For The Individual Investor

The latest stock market turmoil, in the fourth quarter of 2008 when stocks declined significantly, has left retail investors with a larger challenge than ever before. Many feel let down by their advisors, mutual funds, and the financial industry structure that is supposed to help them.

Is it possible for an individual managing his or her own money to make their own stock selection decisions, when they likely don’t have the interest, time, or expertise of a professional industry analyst? We believe the answer is yes, and in this article hope to offer some guidance as to how an individual might approach this task. Below are the stock characteristics we believe investors should be looking for.  Read More…


  1. Most people just pick stocks based on what others are doing. I can’t tell you enough how bad that is.

  2. God i can’t believe you have a picture of Ian Prittie on here. The douche knows nothing.

  3. If you learn to diversify your holdings then this ends up mitigating any potential dangers down the road.

    I always hold onto several index funds and over the long term they always go up.

  4. CNBC’s Cramer cracks me up. I remember him telling us to buy AIG at the height of the financial collapse. Financial advisors are paid by these companies to give favorable opinions and this is why it is dangerous to listen to other peopls advice.

  5. Even if one has no time or expertise it is still important to learn what you are investing in otherwise you will almost certainly lose everything. In the stock market there are winners and losers and its the well informed that usually win.

  6. Analyst advice are pretty much useless. I’ve put so much into advisors and what not and they always have failed me. I now just rely on my own ability and am doing much better now thank you.

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